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A welsh based breed of super humans, once considered to be the norse Gods. Tecwyns are now just normal human beings, with extraordinary abilities. It has been recorded that a Tecwyn once ate a whole cow, that a Tecwyn took a shit that weighed 10 kurichs, and most importantly a Tecwyn was known to have banged Eminems daughter Haley Mathers. Tecwyns are an all round awesome character who know how to have a good time. They are born with Tiger blood, and hunt gingers in the weekend.

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Tecwyn Facts.
It was really Tecwyn Schindler, but Steven Speilberg renamed him for copyright reaons.
Neil Armstrong didn't go to the moon. But Tecwyn Williams did.
Nelson Mandelas favourite name is Tecwyn.
Being called this name instantly makes you more Attractive.

A Tecwyn invented sewage treatment
Nobody messes with a name they cant pronounce.
by Tecwinner September 03, 2012
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