Techwear is a Style of fashion that is defined by aiming to combine functionality with style.
Lots of compartments, pockets, hidden features etc. Most Techwear pieces are constructed from performance components (i.e. performance fabrics (e.g. Gore-Tex, X-PAC), technical/military buckles etc.).

Oftentimes, Techwear primarily uses shades of black, grey, olive etc. (i.e. subdued tones). When venturing into Gorpcore / Hikercore, more vibrant colours become an option as well. For the rare occassion that techwear items aren't black, it's enitrely possible that they're covered in wild and crazy patterns.

Usually, Techwear is on the expensive side of things, with some cheaper alternatives being prevalent on sites like alibaba etc.

Popular Techwear brands are ACRNM (Acronym), Stone Island Shadow Project, Veilance, Nike ACG.
Dude 1: Damn look at that ninja!
Dude 2: Bro, that ain't a ninja, it's just a techwear enthusiast.
Dude 1: So a modern-day ninja?
Dude 2: Yeah, I guess
by Noobacca September 29, 2020
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