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A person who has absolutely no ability to operate any electronic device that was made after 1985; including computers, laptops, the internet, digital televisions, digital cameras, cell phones, DVD players, i-pods, video games, etc. The last electronic device they understood was the VCR.

This person may be your mom, grandpa, professor, 50+ co-worker, etc. They monopolize large amounts of your time by asking you to fix something they have broken or asking you to explain simple concepts to them for the umpteenth time. Often, the vary devices that dumbfound them have been specifically made so that a small child can easily operate them, yet the Technosaur is unable.
- Wow...when did Bob become such a Technosaur, that was the third time this week he's asked me how to work his email.

- My mom is the Tyrannosaurus Rex of Technosaurs, yesterday I caught her trying to put a roll of film into my digital camera.
by A2theDizee May 13, 2009
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