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A person who is very overly critical about the sounds played at a techno night. Appreciate bars, melodies, textures, violent mixing, hard beats, quick beatmatching, 3 decking, headfuck sounds, bleeps, snares, drums, 909's, claps, off beat beat juggling, layering, 1210's, no gay laptops, head to the floor, jaw dropping, face melting, dark rhythms, constant addition and subtraction and no boring 12 minute loops

Often hunt in groups of 2, 4 or 6 and will be seen at the front of the DJ booth checking out the equipment and being critical at the state of the current dire state of techno. Will often jaunt and ridicule the young know it all scrotums in the crowd.

Won't last long at a night unless the music is amazing and will compare the music being played to the golden era of techno (90's)

Can also be called a Tech-Thesp or "T-T"
Dude, you see those guys not dancing? They're a couple of technothespians.

Why are those guys chatting so much about techno music? They're tech thesps dude

Wooah those guys are techno thespians - they know so much about techno
by Jonny5fingers July 22, 2013
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