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A bluetooth headphone, periodically flashing the blue light, worn over/in the ear allowing wireless connectivity to owner's cell phone. A personal statement of technological savvy and coolness.
A: Uh, what's that (on your ear)?
B: That's my newest and coolest's my Techno-Bling.
by Lori M. Norris April 18, 2006
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Technology that makes the transition to highly visusl, over=the-top jewelry. Geeks lust after the newest techno-bling e.g. The IPOD shuffle, the Moto Razr, and $1000 cell phones or PDA's. With techno-bling fashion outweighs form and function. Largely pejorative in most circles.
"Have you seen the new IPOD nano? Haning on her neck? Pure techno-bling, all flash"
by Rob Tyrie December 10, 2005
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