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a very useful adjective which can be used in the following ways:

1. someone who won't pay attention to the basic facts of something, and only pays attention to the technical, unimportant details.

2. someone who won't look up from their device, whether it be their flip phone, their iPod, their blackberry, their text conversation, their computer, their iPhone, their Droid, their PsP, their DS, their iPad, TV, videogames....etc.
1. Randolph: "Jesus Christ, there's this huge bear about to maul us, we should run!"
Winston: "Dude, it's got like, really cool patterns on its fur."
Randolph: "Are you serious?? You are so techniclad!!! Let's go before we get pwned"

2. Smokin-Hot Girl: "So I really like you. You're so wonderful and funny and awesome and gorgeous, I think we should have sex right now."
Boy: "Oh come ON! I almost won in doodle jump! Shit hang on I'm gonna try again..............................did you say something?"
Smokin-Hot Girl: "Ugh, nevermind, you are so techniclad."
by Techniclad Lad :( June 14, 2010
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