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An individual who justifies their sexual impropriety though claiming each act of sexual misconduct was legitimate due to specific circumstances. The technicality whore is thus able to make excuses after each sexual act to avoid guilt. The technicality whore is usually in a relationship, but may also be single and using technicalities to avoid damaging the clean perception they have of themselves.

Technicality whores will often use phrases like:
"It wasn't cheating because..."
"I am not a whore because..."
"It's not sex if..."

Common technicality whore technicalities include:
1. Blow jobs are not sex and therefore not cheating.
2. Sex doesn't count as cheating if you don't love the person you are cheating with.
3. Sex isn't sex if you don't sleep in bed together.
4. Sex isn't sex if all the clothes don't come off.
5. Sex isn't sex if there is no kissing.
...and so on.
Bill Clinton is the world's most famous technicality whore. He claimed he "did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky." He was using the classic blow jobs aren't sex pattern that has been used by technicality whores since time immemorial.

Other examples:
"I just got banged by the basketball team but I am not a whore because there was no kissing."

"I had sex with my ex-boyfriend and my current boyfriend doesn't know. But it's ok because I love them both."

A virgin girl who takes it in the ass only says: "I am still a virgin and am saving myself for the one I love"
by CockityCockCockCock March 08, 2010
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