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A paintball community started by a Tampa Florida paintballer with 20+ years in the sport Mike Phillips. It is the fastest growing paintball community online which offers info both in text in the forums and very indepth videos found on the site. The community is very friendly and helpful and is emerging as competition for PBNation, often known for ignorance, immaturity and abuse of new users by it's members.
Hey did you see the review on the DP G3 at TechPB?
by _ORaNGe_FLaMeS_ February 26, 2009
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a vast community of paintballers destined to help keep the sport they love alive. helpful, encouraging, just plain awesome.

anti pbnation
hey yo mike you check that thread on pbnation about the new 4000 dollor ion? hell no man tech pb is were its at.
by tothie June 29, 2008
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