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A mental illness that occurs when you no longer care about right and wrong, just so long as your ideological "team" wins a piece of political ground, real or imagined. Rampant among American citizens who have hopelessly given in to the two-party political system. Its a fear that if you open your mind to your opposition that you are being coerced by evil. It's the feeling you get when you begin to resent family or friends during a heated political argument. The belief that any dissenting opinions other than those held by the doctrines of your party or denomination hold an evil agenda.
The conservative politician from Alabama spoke in favor of gay rights. I didn't trust him at first but it might have been my own sense of teamism that kept me.

"Max Talbot is on the Bruins now? I hate that guy."
"But you said in '09 when he scored two goals in game 7 that you would suck his dick. That's some bullshit teamism, dude."
"I know. He's still awesome and it pisses me off."

You cannot despise people who suffer from teamism and teamist thoughts. If someone you care about cannot talk to you about something they feel is important without belittling others for thinking differently, be kinder to them and never bring up the topic again. The bile and bullshit they inject life's petty squabbles with have to iron itself out.
by deincredibles March 05, 2015
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