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A crack commando stag hunting unit from Beaminster that were held hostage in the 6th form centre in 2004 for crimes against steel stags they did not commit. After promptly escaping from the maximum security 6th form, they now survive as soldiers of the legendary stag, still on the run from the stag police. They work for anyone who is in need of having a stag hunted or shagged and are innocent, hard-working people trying to make a living, and will usually do the job for free, even though they are supposedly "hired."

Consists of leader Colonel Nick B, Sergeant Nick H, Steve “seaban” P, Lieutenant Tubbsie, Captain Guy, Matt Mc, Danish Blaine
"If you have a stag problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire: Team Stag
by Tubber December 22, 2004
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