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The name of the leading crew of douche bags that think people are oblivious to fact the know each other.

Re: Team D-ouche Bag
Did you know that she knows that John doe and evaleen met at a beach house party? A bon fire that her lol was at defending her person to Jay's accusations of liable slander.

Did it ever occur to any of you the only reason she is here is to see how far they would take it and it's their obsession that drives them. Not bluffing a fool that's not a fool at all.
Did you know that The daughter of the sleandered and her saw evaleen on her moms computer at the dictonary site, with a steel in his hands and she logged it back to the dates in question and has a record log of the posts from her personal pc?
Did you know that she met Joshia Satrawberry in 02' at Joenixdelogs house when his cousin had alexia caverling that party weddie money jacobs and mikey harley were at.
Did you know you were hopped up on so many drugs that they don't have the memory capacity it takes to have listened to all the shit Jay Dee's nuts spoke UD at a square table descussion ot trods house in 04', while she sat their listening to it and wanted to gouge her left eye out with a spork while they were all doing it. The D-ouche bag crew thinks their better than the rest and it's so sad. To hack some ones computer and sit all day waiting to be inside a person system is a mental issue of obsession that they need to look at carefully before making assumptions about another persons life. The epic fail is knowing that stooping that low to prove a wrong point is worth more to his own worth that the situation that was created by accident by two people that didn't really know what to do with the feelings they had at the time and were not being very good friends to one another.

Not part of team D-ouche bag for the cares about what happens in the midst of the fog before the storm Mr. tsunami.
by RilerTy'sF.L.Slap May 16, 2010
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