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Team Goon started in 1997 as a way to present an element of skateboarding that seemed was getting pushed aside back then ; vert and pool skating. The other ingredient to it's creation was that the music that had crept into skateboarding was not punk rock.

The name Team Goon goes back to 1984 and comes from the name that was given to Sunday Punker baseball. Punks that were part of the Fullerton Punk scene as well as members of the bands that called Fullerton their home like DI, Agent Orange, The Adolescents and Social Distortion made up the crowd that played on Sunday. The name Team Goon soon became synonymous with hanging out with friends, fun and athletic activity,and of course, the partys that followed the games.

The Team Goon name was adopted into our skateboarding activity to provide linkage to the old punk scene and would serve as a basis to not let the old skate styles die.
The website was started as a way to present the old style to a new generation of skaters and never had any intention of being more than that. From there, the response to what we were doing was overwhelming. It then evolved into a company that would produce skate decks and clothing now know as Punk Rock Skateboards. A lot of old school Punk bands like D.I., The Skulls, The Adolescents, CH3 and Agression to name a few, really liked what Team Goon was about and became early supporters of the project.

The Team Goon staff would (and still does) also go out and cover many major skate events, punk shows, as well as places that they were skating and put it all in the News section on the web. Soon the News section was seeing 500,000 plus unique visitors a month to it. Today, T.G. continues to be a presence at many punk shows and skateboard events.
"Saw those Team Goon stickers in the bathroom at The Crowd show the other night."
by Washcloth October 24, 2005
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