Team crafted is a popular group consisting of friends who play mostly Minecraft together. The group members (ordered by popularity) include SkyDoesMinecraft, BajanCanadian, ASFJerome or JeromeASF, TrueMU or MinecraftUniverse, Ssundee, Deadlox or DeadloxMC, HuskyMudkipper or HuskyMUDKIPZ, BlueMonkeyYT or BlueMonkey, WeedLion, and DeceptiBonks (not actually considered a member but she is the artist). Several of the members (SkyDoesMinecraft, BajanCanadian, ASFJerome, MinecraftUniverse) are currently living together in Los Angeles, CA.
Person #1: Who is your favorite Minecraft YouTuber group?
Person #2: I can't choose between Yogscast or Team Crafted!
by homestuckingHetalian February 22, 2014
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team crafted is a couple of people who play minecraft and are very deadlox, sky/adam, huskymudkipz, ssundee, weedlion. bluemonkey, deceptivebonk, jeromeasf, bajancanadian, and sky is most popular. they all moved in in 2013 and are now living together
deadlox, sky/adam, huskymudkipz, ssundee, weedlion, bluemonkey, deceptivebonk, jeromeasf, and bajancanadian. these are all members of team crafted.
by skyette December 19, 2013
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