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a small candle also known as a nightlight, they burn for hours and are contained in a thin metal casing, if left to burn for long enough , the wax will completely liquefy. They can come in many exciting scents and colours but are most commonly white and without a scent. people put them floating in a glass of water or in a small patterned cup or lantern to decorate, create an atmosphere or jazz up an area.
person 1: the guests should be arriving to the party soon but the table is lacking something.. and i can't for the life of me put my finger on what it is!

person2: Here, wack some tealights in these colourful glasses and voila! see how the light shines through and reflects the colours!
by blazergirl July 06, 2009
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tealights are little candles that are encased in tin and used to warm things up. they burn for long times, and are sold at tesco barhill.
they are very poor at giving off light, as they a small, but they arehot seeing as they are like, flame.
you dont know how quickly i cycled the other day to get my mum some bloody tealights. she only payed me 5 quid aswell. for all that stress.
by sensibleguy July 06, 2009
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