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1. A competition of extremly manly nature 2. When you get about 4-6 people and everybody grabs a cup of extremly hot tea, any ingreadents aloud, and then you chug it 3. A game commonly conguerd by puerto ricans, african americans and guidos 100% aware that they are just going to spit it out 1.23 seconds after they take the sip. To compete in this sport the reqirements are that you half to be bored and just plan retarted. 4. Sport usually held at a jewish household after drinking your seltzer water but not before the huge circle jerk 5. Only fags dont compete.
"Grab your tea its time for the first tea chug of '08"

"Wow nick just dominated everyone"

"RJ, i didnt know black people competed in the tea chug, let alone drink tea? Wow your one fansy african american."

"Keith your such a bitch for not competing in the tea chug"
by Rick Dakota January 06, 2008
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