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Tdtf is the abbreviation of “too drunk to fuck” (originating from the Dead Kennedys song).

This is used as an expression that you have really had too much to drink (or that you are literally just too drunk to fuck)
"Man, Get me out of here, I'm tdtf!"

"sorry I'd love to go back to yours but I'm tdtf!"

(Please note these examples are more coherent than you’d probably get if the person is actually tdtf!)
by The Spooky Twigg November 04, 2004
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liz: did you hook up with matt?
mary: nah dude, i was TDTF.
liz: damn, well better luck next time.
by becca dc September 11, 2010
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T.D.T.F. stands for Too Drunk To Function. When you are so intoxicated it is almost impossible to even walk or talk. Usually used when someone doesn't want to say "too drunk to function"
"Look at her falling over, she is so T.D.T.F!"

"Tonight we are getting T.D.T.F!"
by Akadot March 09, 2009
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