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The act that late night bar hoppers and club goers of the greater toronto area partake in, that involves staying or more acuratly "loafting" around the streets and/or the train station in the time between last call and the first train of the day at 6:30 am. Although this is the most accurate description of tdot loafting, it can also be used to describe any situation where a group of people are taking a longer than usual amount of time, to complete a desired action.
tdot loafter: Yoo guy wanna go partying in tdot?

some guy: Uhhh.. whos the designated driver?

tdot loafter: Nah fuck that man were taking the train!

some guy: Well thats kinda gay I don't want to leave the club at like 12..

tdot loafter: nahhh fuck that man were TDOT LOAFTING!!!

some guy: wtf... its like 3 degrees outside..

tdot loafter: comon man its a TDOT LOAFT.. you know TDOT LOAAAAFTT its gonna be key

some guy: nah fuck that id rather watch pbs or something
by tdot loafter March 08, 2008
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