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A badass badass that is insanely bad as and fucks insane amounts of bitches for breakfast and when confronted he shall fuck a bitch in front of who ever is confronting.
"Man did you see that, he was so Tayves"
by of13 May 29, 2012
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Another word for "lit"
Can be used to describe something that was fun, and exciting that no other word can describe it.
"Bro that party was tayfe as fuck"
"How did you learn to dance like that? That was so Tayfe!"
by Tmetwalli July 09, 2018
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The baddest of bad, the nigga to end all bitches. This mother fucker, will bitch slap you to the fucking atomic level. You don't want to mess with this nigga. He tall, he ain't small in the pants. That's right. HE GOT A HUGE DICK. This nigga, is the nigga of all niggas. NIGGA.
Man did you see that nigga? He must be a Tayves.
by The T Wizz May 12, 2013
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