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A one of a kind (literally) girl who follows her own beat. She's a total nerd who loves to laugh. She may come across as unemotional and sullen, but she's shy and takes time warming up to. She'll talk for hours but keep all your secrets. She isn't the most attractive girl in the room, but she's the one who will follow her heart and go to any measures to protect those whom she loves. She has high hopes for her future but can be a bit harsh on herself. When you see her, you'll know exactly who Taylorlyn is.
Taylorlyn's reading Nymphadora Tonks/Remus Lupin FanFiction with the tab on YouTube's vlogbrothers with Glee playing on her iTunes library and the Narnia movies in the other room. She also might be wearing her Twilight T-Shirt.
by QuoteGirl December 28, 2009
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