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Taylorcrafting occurs when you are flying amongst a group of friends, and one airplane is considerably slower than the rest of the pack.

To keep with their slower buddy, the other aircraft will have throttle right back (slow right down), but also have to fly with their nose high, to prevent their own aircraft from stalling.

And, crashing.
"Look, There's Suzy is flying her Taylorcraft 75 in formation with some Cessnas!"

"Cool, but why are those very Cessnas flying with their noses high?"

"They're Taylorcrafting!"

A USAF example, "John, I'm having a hard time staying with this 757 that has had an engine flame-out."

"Well Conn, you better start Taylorcrafting, and you better start now!"
by Never Was An Arrow II December 07, 2009
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