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An extremely Good Looking Girl, who is always just one of the guys! Blonde Taylor's are the best. They normally have really nice figures and beautiful eyes. She will be really outgoing. She can be your best friend or your worst enemy. She likes to party but not too much. Most Taylor’s care a lot about animals and the environment! If you get the chance to know a Taylor honor that moment… Love her… Cherish her! She will be one of a kind!!! Taylor is the coolest girl ever. She’s nice, smart, funny, and knows just what to say to cheer anyone up. She’s a friend with almost everybody because everyone likes her. It is very rare of her to chase boy and she rarely falls in love. But she is quite easy to fall for. And she can be crazy when she wants to be. Insanely hyper at times, she just doesn't care what people think of her and that's why so many people want to be her friend. A girl who you might usually see as a friend but is actually something more. Very trustworthy and caring. Sometimes mite seem like a bitch but when you really get to know them their a great friend. Very beautiful and strong. Don't make the mistake of loosing them as a friend or more because you will regret it. Remember blonde haired blue eye'd Taylor’s are the best. She may resemble a mermaid. Shows little emotion but is truly deep and emotional on the inside. Love you ♥
dam man! whos that hot chick in the corner?!?!
dude thats taylor sona!
by specialthoughtsofyou August 01, 2011
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