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Nickname form of Taylor. Mainly a female. She is either blonde hair with blue eyes or brown hair with dark chocolate brown eyes. Very outgoing, smart and athletic. Loves all animals and is nice to just about everyone around. Everyone is wanting to be her friend and wanting to get to know her for her extra mysteriousness. Very shy when you meet her but not all of the time. She likes to take things slow and just live a happy life. Not always is Taylla happy though. She loves all of the seasons. Typicall color is purple, blue, yellow or pink. She loves to laugh and smile around everyone but theres only one who can make her laugh and smile more than anyone. Always a honest girl. Taylla's are very pretty. Taylla's love compliments but they aren't always sure how to thank someone...especially "that someone". When you meet a Taylor, always cherish being with her. You never know where life might take you when you know such a beautiful girl.

Taylla as a boy. Well, he is gay.
Guy 1: Oh hey, I'll be seeing Taylla today!
Guy 2: You're so lucky man, hold onto every moment spent with her. Look into those amazing blue eyes for me.
by iwillloverherforlife143 October 30, 2011
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