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A super hot guy who actually is not really that hot but yet still very hot when you just take a glance at his beautiful face. Tayler Holder with his rosy red cheeks just pulls you in and you will never get out.
Tayler holder the most beautiful rosy red cheeked guy ever
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Tayler Holder is the definition of perfect. He is a combination of hot, kind, talented and he has an amazing sense of humor. I’m pretty sure he could steal your girl so fellas, you might wanna watch out.
Person 1: Yo my girlfriend is meeting Tayler Holder today.
Person 2: oh lord. You’re not gonna have a girlfriend after today.

Person 1: why not?
Person 2: because Tayler Holder is actually Mr. Steal Your Girl.
by Heresarandomdefinition October 21, 2018
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