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Taylees tend to be extremely nice and patient people... but they kinda have to be since they constantly have to tell people they meet "Hi, Im Taylee-- no not Haley, Tay-Lee. No... Taylee. Not Taylor. Look, it's like Taylor and Haley... or like Tay and Lee..." This girl also tends to care about everyone and is a pretty selfless person. Since she cares so much about other people, this makes her slightly indecisive when it comes to making decisions because she "doesn't care" and "what you want is fine". She is down to earth, laid-back, and loves to chill. But, don't let that deceive you, because if you're really close to her, you know she can be a crazy bitch (in a good way) who is really silly and loves hearing and making jokes. She loves to laugh, so she will usually surround herself with friends who enjoy having a good time or just a good laugh. She is definitely one of those people who seem quiet... but once you get to know them... you can't get them to stop talking. If you are friends with a Taylee, you can probably always count on her. Since, they are rare, once you meet a Taylee, don't let her go because she could be one of the most interesting people you ever meet.
Taylee? Oh, I thought her name was Taylor-- she's such a sweetie!

Ooh Taylee... you cray cray :)

Taylee is so adorable, I love her!
by thatswhatshesaid....orhesaid November 11, 2010
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