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1.) a very small female individual, who seeks to "party like a rock star" looking like Ke$ha, a debonair smile, keeps a bottle of whiskey in her hand bag, brushes her teeth with a bottle of Jack and runs down the hallway screaming "I JUST WANNA FUCK SOMEBODY" at 2 AM.

2.) refers to someone who wants to strip muscular males named Christian

3.) enjoys baked goods

4.) is actually extremely intelligent/intimate and provocative.
1.) did you see that girl at the bar? she was sooooo TayGnarl

2.) Guy 1: where did you go last night?
Guy 2: some girl wanted to strip me, just because my name was Christian...
Guy 1: ooooooh, a TayGnarl then...

3.) that TayGnarl is really hungry...she came into my room and stole my cookies...

4.) that girl in the library is TayGnarl...I think I'm in love
by XIIIfragment October 17, 2010
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