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Vietnamese theme resturant where food is prepared at your table similar to Benihana's. While guests are waiting for a table the ladies are striped naked & placed in a small wooden crate. Gentelmen are seated on a dirt floor with a wicker basket placed over their heads, then filled with live rats. When your table is ready your hands are tied behind your back & then lead thru a low narrow dirt tunnel with live bamboo vipers nailed to the celing. The main dining room is basicly a large outdoor bamboo cage. Several drums of burning karosene are placed around the room & helicopters can be heard off in the distance along with intermitent small-arms fire. The smell of napalm & human waste can be found in the air. When your chef arives a waterbuffalo is hearded to the table & shot several times in the head with an AK-47. Guests are alowed to cut there own steaks from the beast. Waiters speak little english & mostly yell in vietnamese periodicly inserting a heavily accented 'GOD DAMN GI.' Often one person at the table is singled out & repeatedly struck in the head with a cane pole. Customers are served a variety of drinks served in a cup with chiped ice & shards of broken glass. During the meal guests are seranaded by a NVA genaral who shouts communist propaganda thru a bull horn. After paying the bill, you receive a Metal of Honor for geting your family released.
After eating at Taste of Hanoi I have a new respect for American Vetrans.
by Socata August 30, 2007
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