(1) When the police are prowling around trying to find crime/hassling kids for smoking pot or violating curfew.

(2) When some douchebag is on the lookout trying to prevent something from going down.

Etymology: Derived from the "Drug Task Force" established in South St. Paul, Minnesota that brought marijuana persecution to a whole new level and flooded the streets with 5-0.
"Damn I've seen like 6 police in the last 2 minutes"
- "Yeah, niggas be taskin' today"

"I couldn't steal people's lunches out of the fridge at work today, my boss was fucking taskin' on me."

"Be careful down on Concord Street, its fucking tasky down there."

"I was about to buy that grape swish, but the arab that owns the store was taskin' and asked for my ID"

"We had to book it quick man, fuckin police were taskin the shit out of that place"
by SSPTrees June 15, 2009
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