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One of the most awesome, amazing people you can ever meet in your life. She is one of the bubbliest, quirkiest, energetic people you'll know. She's shy at first, but soon you'll know how crazy she can be. Tasfia has a great sense of humor and is known for making dumb, stupid jokes from time to time and her awesome stories about her crazyass life. Might not be the best singer or the best at British accents, but she has a heart of gold and unbelievably kind. It is possible she went out of her way to help a tourist from Switzerland find her way to her hotel before. Although she probably grew up in the most ghetto/ Dominican places of the South Bronx a.k.a Fordham and secretly has a very dirty mind, she still remains to be very gullible and innocent. Tasfia is known to be a freakishly ticklish. She has beautiful long, black hair, and a loud, lovable laugh. She is incredibly smart, aces all her classes, and will probably have an IQ over 140. She'll have several friends, but two best friends whom she shares stupid, crazy adventures with and tell everything to (le meeeee!) It takes time to know her, but once she lets you in, there's no turning back. She's the sweetest girl on earth who has your back with everything and will be there for you when you need it most. She is destined to do great things in this world and there's no stopping her. Tasfia is amazing and often doesn't realize how much she means to those around her, especially to her best friend Takia <3.
Derp: Damn, that girl is such a Tasfia.
by Ms.McDonell April 24, 2013
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