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A sexual feat that requires a tree with strong vines, and a will for looking for a last resort to spice up a sex life. A male climbs a tree that stands at least 63 feet tall. A female then aligns herself on a direct path from the male. The male lets out a yell like Tarzan ("Ooo-wa-ooo-aaooaaooaa-ooo!") before grabbing a nearby vine. The male then jumps from the tree, with a grin on his face, swings down towards the ground, spreads his legs out as far as he can, and slams into the females ass. This feat was first done by tribesmen on unsuspecting women deep within the jungles of the Congo. Similar feats have been accomplished in the U.S however, a rope will have to supplement the vine.
Billy: Hey man i just got back from the Congo!
Ron: What the hell were you doing over there?
Billy: I was giving Sally a Tarzan Swinging Ass Slam.
by TESTICLETWISTER June 02, 2014
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