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The counter inside Target Stores where Target Guests, go to tell lies about their purchases. To get back the money, they didn't really have to spend, in the first place.They will purchase some items with the intent of returning the items when "the party is over".Another favorite is soiling an item(like a vacuum cleaner) and stating,with an "extra whiny voice,"It just doesn't work at all ,it must be defective!".Most Target Guests are not aware of the fact,Target Team members must open and check serial numbers on electronic items before refunding them. The "old TV" in the "new box" ,not a good scam,they could be arrested.The shoplifter favorite is "I got this as a gift,and I don't need it."
As long as you have a valid ID ,you get a refund.Do it too many times,and get arrested!The fat woman's favorite, "The color wasn't right". That's okay though because everyone knows Target Guests have poor eyesight.Furniture that requires assembly, "The parts were missing".Most likely,the husband threw away the directions!
One Target Guest ServicesTeam member to another : "Wonder how that Target Guest knows the color of that dress is wrong for her, I mean obviously she never tried it on ,a 2X in medium!Yeah right!"
by chmpbmxgirl August 03, 2015
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