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the place where the stupid kids in your class go. there are 3 types:
extreme: the kind that are proud of going to the romper room. they are more than proud to mention they need extra time on tests, and can't comprehend simple topics. also, extremes will proudly put it in your face, that they go to "support study" where someone does their homework for them.

warriors: they are the kind that will constantly do things wrong, and get in fights. they do this for one sole reason, they can't get in trouble. everytime one screws up, they go to the tardbarn and they are safe. these are the ones that are the most annoying.

escapee's: these ones are tough to deal with, because they dont think they belong in the tardbarn. they will be in regular classes, and somehow you always get stuck with them in your group. they will never get an answer right, and they are always acting like they care. they will try so hard to solve things, and unforutnately for everyone they are convinced they can be mainstreamed. generally it is apparent that they are not ready for actual learning, and should go home to the tardbarn.

The tardbarn is a very interesting place, and it will be almost immediate that you are able to categorize someone that is in the room. Girls tend to end up in the escapee category much more often. Thugs in the warrior section. The dumbest of all of them end up in the Extreme area, because they realize they can't do real work.
Every school has it, the room for retards. Many names are used, including: tardbarn, romper room, sped shed.
by dan February 14, 2005
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