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One collects a handful of shaved pubic hair. When you Spiderman someone you then proceed to blow the handful of pubic hair in their face. The cum acting as the "Tar" and the pubic hair as the "Feathers"
Yeah, I woke my girlfriend up this morning with a good old Tar'n'Feather
by Georgina & Fun Bobby July 08, 2010
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Refers to either:
(1) The correct way to pave a road (i.e., to evenly spread/roll asphalt and then neatly angle-smooth the edges)
(2) What "they" will do to you is you do a sorry-a** job of said paving.
D.O.T. foreman: The citizens in this area are really touchy about having their hard-won tax-dollars used for re-surfacing their main street, so I'd better see that my crew does a good job of it if we don't want them to tar 'n' feather us afterwards.
by QuacksO August 09, 2018
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