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An extremely complicated and thorough procedure which is generally used for entertainment purposes in Virginia. First, one (male) shaves his anal and grundle hairs into a glass of hot, steaming water. The perp then takes said glass, throws it in the face of a woman, preferably a hooker, which temporarily blinds her. As she is screaming in pain, covered in pube shavings, the glass must be broken on her head. The resulting mixture of trimmings, blood, spit, and broken spirit is "Tappahannock Tea".
Ryzza: Is she from out of town?

Teesge: Yea I think so. She's pretty cute.

Ryzza: Lets get the van and give her a Tappahannock Tea Party under the bridge.

Teesge: Let me finish my Zima.
by Binkieman777 September 26, 2007
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