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1. The sexiest pornstar to ever live besides Jenna Jameson. has the tightest twat that anyone has ever imagined and a damn nice face to go along with it.

2. The typical image a man gets when they are into tight little 18 year olds trying to get it up. Ofter referred to as Tanner Mayonnaise by the porn lovers. she jokes around with porn and enjoys porn, not like other girls that just do it for money. She would be an cool chick to hang out with. Not of huge tit descent but her twat stays as tight a a pre-schooler.

Porn fanatic #1: Dude have you checked out tanner maye's new flick?

Porn fanatic #2: Yeah dude shes a gorgeous human.

Porn fanatic #1: Yeah, I still can't manage to believe that her pussy stays so tight after all those enormous cocks have rammed their her through her small little twat.

Porn fanatic #2: Welll, as we all know, all people who have sex too much will eventually develop loose genetalia with time, but for the mean time lets enjoy seeing her get fucked sideways, upside down, and all which ways before her sense of feeling goes away down there.

Porn Fanatic #1: Dude your right, but according to my statistics, if she's made over 3,000 films including 500 DVD's and is not loose by now, She is never bound to go loose!

Porn Fanatic #2: Oh trust me Bro, she will get loose, she WILL get loose. Muhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!
Pssst!....ill make sure of that Muahahahahahahaha!!!
by the one kardashian January 10, 2010
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