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Tagy Tailgating Sauce is enhancing addition to the pungent fun associated with traditional tangy tailgating as defined on Urban Dictionary. One who is performing a tangy tailgate enjoys the experience even more when tangy tailgating sauce is created from the mixture of saliva and the remnants of a Grease Ring. The result is a tangy, savory mixture that only the bold can truly enjoy.
Charles: Hi Frank. How's your girlfriend?
Frank: Broke up Bro!
Charles: Sorry Bro.
Frank: No big deal. I went out and got me some strange last night.
Charles: How was it?
Frank: Chick was hot but hadn't showered in about three days.

Charles: Did you do a little Tangy Tailgating Braaaaaahhhhhh?
Frank: More then that Brooooo! I had me a little Tangy Tailgating Sauce!

Charles: Sounds like a ripe pipe there brother!
by Tugg N. Harder September 17, 2014
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