Tanguy syndrome is an emerging phenomenon across the world that started in Canada back in the the early zips.
It takes its name from a French-speaking film's young male character who spends his days at his parents' tanning, not working at the ripe old age of 28!

The males around the globe are facing now a 'quarter-life crisis' in their late 20s and early 30s because of a dire job market and an economy that flips the young and aspirant the middle-salute: having no work or money to start their own seperate lives, these 'sad gards' return back to their parents' homes and slack away their most productive and exciting years building in the process EFFs or 'extended financial families' (a.k.a. ant-hill families: describes the 'piling' effect of having different generations all living and working in the same house, so much like an ant-farm hill is).
Yeah, well blow this for a lark and welcome to the 'Slack Pack' if you are one of them!
Tanguy syndrome has many related words:

-permanent adolescents / adultscents.
-emerging adulthood.
-middle youth.
-Boomerang Kids/ Babies/ Children:
young babyboomers, or BBs' children who 'boomerang' back to their 'rents homes.
-parasite singles.
-twixters: 20-35 grads unmarried, unemployed and are still living at their parents' home.
-mommosexuals: metrosexuals that are coming back to their mamas to have a whiff at noshstalgia!
young men who won't give up their mamma's cooking in Europe. The 'Ities' were spot on right!
-Kippers/ KIPPERS:
in the UK it's an acronym for kids in parents' pockets eroding retirement savings. Also known as Slops/ SLOPs (singles, living off parents).
nest squatters or Germans who now look at their parents as friends and live with... or 'off', them! Also called freeters an Engleutsch blendword of 'free' and 'arbeiter' (worker).
by hammer---;, hytham April 13, 2007
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