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a woman of grace.

a woman who generously gives the gift of her friendship.
a woman who may hide it, but feels deeply.
a sensitive woman, so treat her gently.

the woman you want next to you always... on your side, cheering you on, loving you..

if you find her, don't let go. Your heart will forever be broken.
Tanaz is so great.

I wish I had a Tanaz!
by BearDragon February 03, 2010
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tanaz is the most amazing, intelligent, and independent person you’ll ever know. Did i say she’s adorable? well, i did now. If you have her as your best friend, do not let go of her or you’ll be broken. She is the most loyal best friend you can have do everything in your power to keep her. i.e) break your leg in order to save her.
Oh my God, i wish my friends were like Tanaz.
by Aznkidddo February 04, 2018
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