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Not a girl. A woman. A woman of God.

Fierce and independent with a strong personality. She is highly intelligent.

She might not admit it, but if she cares for you she will move mountains in order to help you.

Tanasha likes to talk... and she likes to talk fast... She also knows a lot of people. Like a lot!

She has a naughty side with a taste for whiskey.

When your name is Tanasha you have many nicknames. Koeka might just be one of them...

Tanasha is a beautiful woman. Strikingly beautiful with a smile you want to see every day. She is a fox. A woman you can easily fall in love with, but just as easily break your heart.

Tanasha is a bold woman. A good friend to have. A must have friend. If you know Tanasha you are a privileged person.
Everyone needs some Tanasha in their lives!!

That woman is on point, it must be Tanasha!!
by Pliggie September 07, 2016
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Tanasha, often mistaken for a girls name when actually it is unisex.

there are other spellings of this name which include.


Some people also get it mixed up with the name Natasha
Tanasha is not just a girls name
Tynasha is probably the 1 your thinking of,

several spellings 1 name

My friend is a guy and his name is Tanasha.
by Paul Whiting February 09, 2005
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