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1 : A traitor of the highest ilk. A truly treacherous and ruthless Judas.
2 : One who betrays another's trust or is false to an obligation or duty
3 : One who commits treason. A quisling. A tergiversator.
4 : Often compared to, but infinitely more traitorous than, Benedict Arnold.
5 : Any dispicable act of apostate, betrayal,defection, desertion, double-crossing,recreancy, tergiversation.

**Not to be mistaken for Tenacious D.**
1. General: "I thought we had that battle won!"

Major: "What happened"?

General: "That mother-fucker Tana D'ed me!"

2. "Turns out that guy we thought was on our side was actually working for the Russians. What an evil Tana D!!"

3. The monkey's had always stood strong against the evil Zoo-goers. Always slinging their shit ONLY at the customers. Until that fateful day that little unnamed bastard monkey started throwing shit at the other monkeys. That was the day he was given his name, Tana D.

George Bush to Dick Cheney:

"What's it gonna take for us to figger out this Iran sitcheeation, Dick?"

"Well George, if we can just get a Tana D in there - we can really fuck shit up"
by Corey Anders-Gross August 07, 2008
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