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A girl that just can't keep her life together. Lies about everything she says and is quite a hypocrite. Stay away from tana Mongoose. She has a fan base full of girls that defend her even when she's wrong. Stupid tana mongoose. I'm sorry if I offended any mongooses.
Stupid fangirl:"Is that tana mongeau?"
Smart human: "yeah but who cares tana mongual sucks"
Stupid fangirl: "exCUSE me it's tana mongeau"
smart human: "whatever tana mongoose still sucks"
by Sickasfrickkkkfrenn July 28, 2017
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A lesbian youtuber who makes fake story times saying she was almost killed by her uber driver
Omg did u just see Idubbz content cop on tana mongoose shes such a liar?
by Xposer126 December 23, 2017
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