A girl that just can't keep her life together. Lies about everything she says and is quite a hypocrite. Stay away from tana Mongoose. She has a fan base full of girls that defend her even when she's wrong. Stupid tana mongoose. I'm sorry if I offended any mongooses.
Stupid fangirl:"Is that tana mongeau?"
Smart human: "yeah but who cares tana mongual sucks"
Stupid fangirl: "exCUSE me it's tana mongeau"
smart human: "whatever tana mongoose still sucks"
by Sickasfrickkkkfrenn July 25, 2017
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A lesbian youtuber who makes fake story times saying she was almost killed by her uber driver
Omg did u just see Idubbz content cop on tana mongoose shes such a liar?
by AnythingIsPossiblee December 23, 2017
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The best looking girl in the world. Will snatch your weave. She has the curves, she has the stretch marks, she has the overbite. What else do you need?
Tana Mongoose Fan: OMG tana is so iconic
Tana: ik
by Furryslayer December 18, 2018
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