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Always has something random to say. Seems insanely decent at first but once you get to know him, it's a whole different story. Very weird but in a funny way, doesn't really give a shit about what people have to say. One free-spirited, loud ass, silly ass person. Good with the girls cuz he knows how to keep them smiling, and always plays the cool guy card around them. Handsome in a unique way but just enough to keep his girl wet all day.
Girl: I miss you
Tamuda: Aim harder next time
by March 10, 2018
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a girl who puts her stress on other people even though they stand by her through everything. (maddie eden)
tamuda: why did u go on the wrong bus
maddie:im sorry let me exp-
tamuda:*cuts the phone*
by leyaaaaaxoxo May 11, 2018
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