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When a girl is on her period and she decides to wear a short skirt/dress while wearing no panties and allows the string of her tampon to hang out while she dances.

The phrase 'Tampon Girl' has been immortalized at the University of Illinois because of an incident that happened at Joe's Brewery in the early morning hours of September 14, 2008. Eye witnesses claim that they spotted a girl in a short pink dress dancing on stripper poles who revealed a tampon string hanging out of her vag. This was later posted on the University of Illinois Juicy Campus Forum. While the true identity of the Tampon Girl has never been revealed, it has been a sensation there ever since.
Brie: "OMG do you see that skank dancing on the poles?"
Angie: "OMFG it must be the return of Tampon Girl!"

Brian: "Do you want to go to Joe's Friday night?
Jake: "No, Tampon girl will be on the rag again. You should steer clear of Joe's this weekend, unless you want to bring home that slut for some fun in her poop portal."
by Brock S October 13, 2008
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I female that simultaneously wears a short dress/skirt and a tampon without panties, and allows the tampon string to hang out and show while walking, bending over, sitting or dancing.
Tony: Ewww... look at that girl dancing over there!
Tim: Nasty! its a Tampon Girl!
by cioa October 16, 2008
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