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A Tamjid is a extremely talkative guy, outright annoying at some points. But, he does have a sweet side. He also has a pretty large dick if u know what i men.
Girl: Omg Tamjid so kewl
Girl 2: yh i like to date him gf
by KYSBOI123GEY029 August 23, 2017
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a fuckboy that deserves no one, he only hurts people that love him the most, the girls that loves him stay unnoticed forever. His soulmate has her name starting with T or D A boy with this name is usually short and he is evil, he has this wicked side, he thinks hes the best, hes full of himself, only makes fun of others. He curses a lot and has family that loves him. Hes stupid but horny.
T or D: Hey i really like you
Tamjid: fuck off u ugly ass nigga.
by sabiquoon342 January 04, 2017
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