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1. The result of a tampon being accidentally jammed up beyond it's normal course of travel by an outside influence (another tampon, a hammer or any object used for masturbatory purposes.

2. The act of rocking the F out like you just don't care
1. "I can't believe that chick at Pacific Beach had me Tamjam her - didn't she remember she was on the rag?"

2. "Let's just get really drunk and Tamjam at the bar tonight"
by Honorary Dude October 08, 2007
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The act of participating in intercourse while a female still has a tampon inside her. Multiple acts of reverse power doggy, and the nitrogen power bomb force the tampon up into the cervix, requiring a trip to the hospital.

Commonly referred to as a "tampon jam" but this is the abbreviated version made popular circa 2007
Tim sure did tam jam that bitch last night. I heard the x-rays couldn't even find the tampax.
by Cic and Conk January 25, 2008
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