Tamiia is loud & sarcastic she has like 2 bestfriends
she get likes guys who she is around alot

she has a crush on a boy with an a in his name

she light skin with weird eyes

shes & pretty
Tamiia is annoying
by SteveErfaa December 9, 2014
Tamia is one of the smartest people you will ever meet. At first, she may seem a little shy and intimidating but there is a lot more to that brain and pretty face. She is the smartest, or one of the smartest kids in the class because she loves to learn! Tamia takes school very seriously, because she cares a lot for her future. Tamia also spends a lot of her personal time reading and writing. But she also loves to surf, and could spend the rest of her life at the beach. Tamia is a very curious person, and she speaks her mind whenever needed to. Tamia's nerdy side isn't just what makes her so intriguing. Tamia finds it hard to trust people, as experiences from her past still haunt her when it comes to relationships.Tamia is boy crazy. When she develops feelings for someone, it stays for awhile. She loves to get attention from the boy that she likes, both verbally and physically. She loves smart guys that have a good sense of humour, with a little bit of cockiness. She is a mature girl, but if you catch her during the right time, you could see her immature side ;) Tamia is also extremely beautiful She is also very good at hiding emotions. To know when Tamia is lying about her feelings, you would have to know her very well, as she only opens up to her close friends, or mom.
tamiia is so pretty
by liaaaaa2x November 23, 2021