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Is a saucy brilliant chère. A few friends and her, are planning the best tour to hit the world with Cinema Bizarre, Space Cowboy and Lady Gaga called the "Bang The Fame Tour". Though some mean chicks have been spreading rumors about her and certain bands (which her best friend and also very popular Zarah, has been involved with), know that she is a card, and thus far has been able to overcome these adversities. She usually goes by the shorter version of her middle name "Desi" and is popularly known throughout the world wide web as "DesiDiscoDoll" appropriately given to her because of her vibrant personality and charisma.
Boy: What is the name of the magazine that Desi is starting?
Girl: Do you mean Tamaki Désirée Ureáux?

Boy: Yeah her!
Girl: The magazine is Leopard Decay, and its amazing.
Boy: I need to get my hands on it as soon as it comes out.
by SherrySherry October 24, 2009
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