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Design and Development

Website Design and Development provides a first impression to many visitors. However it plays a major role in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), website usability, content and the visitor conversion rate.


Talooma’s Online Marketing Strategy encompasses a variety of methods and tools that offer our clients the complete online solution. Through ongoing management of the site we will improve the ranking of your website as well as increase the amount of traffic to the site.


Clients who host their website through Talooma are ensured of minimal down- time. Our website hosting makes use of current and up- to- date hosting hardware and software. 24 hour security and fingerprint access control protect servers at their location. Talooma’s Online Marketing service offering allows you to make use of the very best methods and tools available. Improving and maintaining your site will not only steer traffic towards your website, it will covert visitors to sales. Depending on the requirements a client has, there are various ways to achieve optimal results for any website.
Design and Development: this includes designing a new site for clients, or improving on what is already there.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): through compelling content and the use of various tools, Talooma strives to get each client ranking on the first page of Google.

Social Media Optimisation: Talooma assist all clients in creating a presence using social media platforms. This includes balancing the push and pull of information between your company and your readers. Platforms include Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

Visitors: through optimising your website both the front and back sides, and making use of various other platforms, traffic is drawn to your site.

Landing Page Optimisation (LPO): once your website starts receiving more traffic, LPO allows us to test various pages and assist visitors in finding information more easily.

Conversions: Through the use of various tools and the ongoing optimisation and management of your website, Talooma assists in turning casual content view to desired actions. For further information on Talooma’s Online Marketing Strategy, watch Jonathan Houston (Talooma’s Online Marketing Manager) speak about optimising your website for success. Click on the accompanied video.
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