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The tractor pull is the sporting act of gathering up at least two white trash women, and inserting two to three balls of a single strand of anal beads into each participant who then clamp down and pull with all their might, much like a tug of war. The victor is the one to forcefully remove the beads from the other, however, there are no winners.

Note: If you happen to attend a Tallahassee Tractor Pull, bring a poncho or plastic sheeting like at a Gallagher show. Forcefully removing anal beads like you're rip starting a lawn mower can shower participants and spectators alike with blood and shit. Beware.
Damn y'all, Crystal and Tammy Lynn had themselves a Tallahassee Tractor Pull at the bonfire last night and I forgot my poncho!
by Mr Dover April 24, 2016
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