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A short gay male top whoms sexual preference solely includes overly tall men with which to turn into his bottom.

Similiar to the term "Tree Climber" for heterosexuals, a Tall Climber is not just a short person whom likes a tall person, it is a small person whom seeks to be the alpha male over the tall person (imagine a Chihuahua having sexual relations with a Great Dane). Contrary to natural selection and the bigger being the dominate and fully inclusive of the Napoleonic Complex, but bleeding over to sexual preferences and desires, tall climbers desire to conquer everything that is larger than themselves. A typical example of this includes bending over a military guy to turn them into a snowy mountain with which the tall climber will use to climb for 12 minutes and then eventually plant his flag upon reaching the top.
"Hey Malik, who is that guy right there that just entered our group circle and won't stop starring at you?"
"Ignore him, he's probably just a tall climber."
by SoberGinger January 14, 2018
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