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The obnoxious feminine response generally induced by men thinking with their dicks.

When one spews illogical, irrational, overanalyzed or otherwise ridiculous nonsense from their mouth hole.
Usually occurs for a several day period once every 28 days.

Bro, I don't know what to do. Sally keeps getting pissed when I talk to my x-girlfriend Jane online. She knows our relationship ended 10 years ago and that Jane is happily married.

Whatever dude, Jane was way hotter and Sally probably knows you're thinking with you dick. That's what's making her talk out her pussy.

Medical Diagnosis:
The buildup of excessive estrogen in a woman's brain often causes massive disconnects in the neurological pathways responsible for conducting reason and logic.

Audible symptoms begin to surface when triggered by the inverse brainwaves released when men in close proximity begin thinking with their dicks.

TOYP’ is most commonly transmitted orally via female to female. Symptoms may proliferate with the consumption of champagne, chardonnay, cosmopolitans, mojito's and hot sake.

*Please note, following is the only known treatment and is effective in suppressing symptoms alone. Neither a treatment nor a vaccine for the cause has yet been discovered.

To treat symptoms carefully administer one dose of cock to the patients mouth hole. Treatment provides temporary relief from symptoms but can be re-administered as necessary.
Dammit Sally, If you keep talking out your pussy I'm going to have to wash your mouth out with cock again.
by Whafer Frisco Guson November 18, 2010
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